Lorna Nixon - Lorna Nixon

Finalist of the Most Innovative handbag inspired by mark. by Avon

Great Britain

2010 Finalist Lorna Nixon Lorna Nixon


What is your design background?
I have a Degree in Fashion Accessory Design from Cordwainers. London College of Fashion. In 2009 I won the IHDA for 'swarovski'. In 2010 I reached the finals at the IHDA 2010 for 'Most Innovative Design'.

Have you worked with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS before?

Would this bag fit in with your current collection and why?
This bag would definitely fit into my collection. My Design philosophy is to create innovative accessories. This bag really showcases various Swarovski elements along with luxurious skins.

What are the price-points of your current line?
MAX $2500

What is the inspiration for this sketch?
The bag, titled 'Jagged Thistle', is inspired by my Scottish Heritage. I aim to create pieces of mobile art; with delicate, intricate detail... with a Contemporary twist! My designs are anything but ordinary; I like to break the rules and push the creative boundaries.

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