Emily Cheetham - Cheet London

Finalist of the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design

Great Britain

2010 Finalist Emily Cheetham Cheet London


What is your design philosophy?
I am a nostalgic person and take a great deal of inspiration from bygone eras, from the glamour of â??Ã?òoldâ??Ã?ô Hollywood to the craftsmanship and quality of historical fashions. This appreciation of all things vintage is rejuvenated in my contemporary bag & accessory designs. At the top of designing for each new season, I will start with a thought or idea about the direction of the new collection. This could be some degree of evolution or style progression from the previous season or could be hinged on a concept or stylistic look that I want the new season to be centred on. I tend not to be too focussed on trends but rather follow my instincts as I want to create a series of bags that you will cherish for ever rather than just one season. When I design a bag, I am not only thinking about the aesthetic aspects of the bag â??Ã?ì the finish, the styling, colour â??Ã?ì but also about the function of the bag. That is why you will find different size pockets in strategic places on the bags â??Ã?ì be it an outside zip pocket for your travel card or an internal pocket for your mobile and lipstick. Our uniquely printed lining is deliberately patterned so that it does not show the dirt and itâ??Ã?ôs brightly coloured pattern gives you pleasure every time you open your bag!

What are the retail price-points of your line?
Small accessories range from $45-£125 and handbags retail at $225-$450

Do you change your silhouettes and materials every season?
Yes. Every season, I design new styles incorporating new shapes, sizes, materials, colours and finishes. Having quite a few seasons under my belt, I am conscious of what styles my customers favour and so I will endeavour to include staple pieces in a collection such as soft shoulder bag, a structured tote, a clutch etc That said, there are some bags that become our â??Ã?òherosâ??Ã?ô and we progress them into the following season â??Ã?ì but these are always updated with new features and produced in new colours and materials. The â??Ã?òNellâ??Ã?ô clutch that was a finalist in last yearâ??Ã?ôs Awards, is one of our best selling bags and the Hitchcock and Sugar Frame which I am submitting for this season are rapidly catching up in popularity.

What other handbag designers have inspired you?
I draw quite a lot of inspiration from vintage bags and jewellery â??Ã?ì I might find these at flea markets, antique shops or my Grannyâ??Ã?ôs wardrobe. I think they made much more interesting fittings and features on old designs even though often size and shape wise a lot of vintage bags arenâ??Ã?ôt as practical for modern day living. In terms of contemporary handbag designers â??Ã?ì I would say that I admire Anya Hindmarchâ??Ã?ôs timelessly stylish designs, Tara Jamonâ??Ã?ôs outlandish designs and Miu Miuâ??Ã?ôs texturally fascinating bags.

Which stores currently stock your handbags?
Cheet London bags are sold in the UK, Europe and Japan including some prestigious stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Franck et Fils, United Arrows, HP France, Tomorrowland and many more.

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