Gili Rozin Tamam

The BERNINA Best Handmade Handbag   // 2014

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Gili Rozin Tamam MeDusa, premium mini clutch black, clutch, plastic, leather like lining, silver studs, $340

Twitter: @designmedusa
How are your bags made? All of the MeDusa designs are crafted through a technique, which incorporates hand sewing, machine sewing and a unique machine, which imprints our decorative textures into the plastic material. The plastic base is made one at a time with a special machine. Each plastic base is then hand sewn to form a bag or clutch. In this premium line, we have implemented an additional handcrafting step prior to the sewing of the bag to create limited edition results. We select a variety of precious elements; silver/gold studs, pearls, onyx stone and Swarovski crystals, which we then hand sew as one of a kind details to each design for an added dose of glamour.
What is the primary material used? The primary material in our work is a compound of industrial plastic. This material is processed through an industrial technique originally intended for the automotive industry. The unique application of this material is at the core of the MeDusa brand.
Do you make all of your own bags? If not, please explain who helps you make your bags. MeDusa works with a few suppliers in the production process. A plastic factory provides sheets of plastic, which are later, used as the base material of our designs. We also work with a sewing workshop for basic sewing. All of the detailed elements showcased in the premium line; crystals, pearls, studs, are hand sewn in the MeDusa studio.
What is your design inspiration? The premium line is based on the shapes and inspiration of our Ornamentica line, which is a tribute to the old world culture and Far East design aesthetic. In this line, the plastic is combined with textiles reminiscent of carpets and upholstery and creates a playful juxtaposition of design traditions, one ancient and the other new. The premium line adds an additional layer of glamour and modernism to the basic Ornamentica line and shows the unique and beautiful outcome of combining inspiration from different eras and corners of the world.
What sewing machine to you use to make your bags? Singer and Brother machines.
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